Stevel Seagal Aikido Demonstration

Steven Seagal shows his Aiki fighting skills at the Aikido Friendship Demonstration in Japan in 1993. You can watch his effortless techniques as he leads a group of multiple attackers around the mat, throwing them repeatedly.

As I have said before, for all the Hollywood tough guy image, Steven Seagal Sensei really can do this stuff for real. That is why I dislike those movies … because they give people the wrong idea about Aikido or Aiki-jutsu, more’s the pity.

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8 thoughts on “Stevel Seagal Aikido Demonstration”

  1. it is like seagal’s movies he can beat a whole army with only some moves 🙂

    anyway ninjutsu is far better

  2. I love how he makes it seem so effortless. “Oh look, an attacker.” *Push* “Oh look, more.” *Pushpushpush*
    So fluid, it’s really kinda cool.

  3. That’s pretty much the idea behind a “nonviolent” style. You don’t beat the person to death, you bump him away. It’s like trying to go at a revolving door. You’ll grab on for a moment but eventually you’ll get spun away

  4. isn’t that steven sigal? (sorry not sure hwo to spell he’s name correct)

    but nayways/ thats awesome!

  5. this is a show as we know,,, in real life your can watch and feel the pain when a guy puch youn on your forhead… BUT the video show looks good and cool.

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