STREET FIGHT real martial arts

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25 thoughts on “STREET FIGHT real martial arts”

  1. @sr20DETdrift i have pulled a few of those moves off in a real street fight throat holds & eye gouges are very overlooked .

    I’ll say this if you can chop at someone’s throat during or before a fight happens, you’ll end it before it even begins.

  2. most of that stuff is stuff that you can only do when he’s gong slow and you know what he’s gonna do, i’d like to see this guy actually use it in real situations, and not just slow motion training that he already knows what is next. if he can do any of this stuff in real situations, he’s a lil more bad-ass.

  3. @Omaley42 Welcome to the real world. Give the guy with the gun what he wants. If he is going to shoot you anyway, then do the move, as quick as you can. Disarm him, and then watch out for his other arm on the counter attack. But remember, in a fight, do whatever you can to survive. Eye gouge, punch throat, kick in the balls, whatever!

  4. damn i wanna learn this. its very intimidating also.ur enemy is going to be in shock as soon as you attack and they”ll be in complete shock

  5. This is pretty cool to watch, but never attack a guy when he’s got a gun pointed at you
    If someone has a gun to your back, give him what he wants
    It doesn’t matter how fast you are, that guy only has to twitch his finger and your dead

  6. @AbstractLife13 Actually the human mind can’t respond to your movement in time to pull the trigger. Your the only person that knows your next move, he doesn’t. It is just like holding a pen in one hand and dropping it to the other. You will almost certainly catch it, but have a friend drop it to your hand you will miss it a lot because your mind can’t register the movement in time.

  7. Get a friend to hold a water gun to your head and try to move without being hit with water if you don’t believe me and want a demonstration.

  8. @HightH8 It looks good when simulated for demonstration , but in a real life situation i doubt its this effective

  9. @odd08 Would you really like to test those odds though?
    He doesn’t even actually have to do it on purpose, like I said, he only has to twitch his finger. It could be completely on accident.
    I don’t know about you, but if I had the gun, I’d shoot as soon as I even thought I saw movement.
    I’m not saying it’s impossible to beat a guy with a gun, I’m just saying you should never try it.
    There’s a reason cops don’t shoot people when he has a gun on his hostage.

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