What is AIKIDO? Ryusei Saigusa sensei explains

This is Ryusei SaiGusa’s Aikido!!!
Gedanate says: This is a translated interview at the Takadanobaba Dojo, in Shisekai Japan. 19th Senshusei Course…

Ryusei SaiGusa sensei demonstrates some basic Aikido principles and techniques, and everthing he says in Japanese is translated to English captions that show below the video. (There are Japanese captions as well.) And what he talks about is extremely interesting to any serious Aiki student. It will probably be lost on most others. But that’s just my personal opinion, and I would like to hope I am wrong about that! (You can tell me in your comments afterwards!)

Saigusa sensei explains that he started martial arts by learning karate, but he says he was always afraid of close contact with an opponent until he got into Aikido. It is learning Aikido that has taught him to blend with the other person and act as one. This is really good stuff. You don’t hear Japanese senseis talk so frankly very often. The man opens his soul to the group he is teaching. He also says that Ukemi (martial arts breakfalling) is extremely important for health, even if that is all you do. And he says it is also very good for weight loss! I highly recommend this video!

On a very personal note, (I can attest to Aikido for weight loss, personally. When I have gone up to Brisbane to train with my sensei there, I have lost close to a kilo (2.2 lbs) a day while training intensively – two sessions or more each day – for two weeks to a month at a time.

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