Which Martial Art Hurts Most?

Which hurts more - a kick, a punch or being thrown?
Which hurts more - a kick, a punch or being thrown?

Tell me, Sensei, which martial art hurts most? I’ve been asked than numerous times, with slightly different wording.

Many people think Aikido or Judo are soft martial arts because they don’t need kicks or punches. (And even the name Ju Jitsu means the gentle martial art.)

Sure, kicks and punches from other fighting arts hurt you. But consider this.

A punch in the face can do what… break your nose? Smash your eyeglasses? Knock out a tooth? It can split your lip open or maybe break your jaw.

We know that when someone gets knocked down hard in a fight, they tend to stay down. But it’s not the punch or kick that does the damage directly. Not as a rule.

The real damage usually comes when the victim falls badly, after that punch. They’re stunned, hurt, perhaps they’re even a bit drunk. And they don’t know how to fall safely. It’s not a reflex with them.

So they fall and they crack their head open. Or they put out an arm to try and save themselves and they snap a bone.

End of fight… Hospital time.

When you do a throwing martial art, such as Aikido or Judo, you learn to fall safely. And all the people you train with have learned to fall safely as well.

We learn to throw them gently, so they won’t get hurt. They are, after all, your friends and training partners. And it’s a controlled, pretty safe environment.

But on the street it’s different. If you throw someone hard and if they don’t know how to fall well – or are just unlucky – they will most certainly get hurt.

They stand to break bones, fracture their skull or maybe even snap their neck!

Gentle art? Not on your life – or as we say so cutely in Australia… Pig’s Arse!

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